Engineering expert for charging devices for the heat treatment

Business confidence – feasible by engagement and commitment

In some companies they talk about a closely and eligible partnership between supplier and customer; we, CastService GmbH, are living and experiencing it!


In order for us to remain to our principles regarding the focus on our customers, we, CASTService GmbH have employed Mr. Thorsten Krämer for sales and engineering to strengthen our team.


Mr. Krämer used to work for several companies and he is a declared engineering expert for charging devices for the heat treatment equipment and he is also a qualified advisor for the choice of material.
He will mostly be responsible for the areas Automotive, Furnace Construction and Steel Mills, but also for a subarea of waste combustion.


To be quick off the mark and flexible to take care of the problems of our customers or even to be able to submit constructive proposals, those are the demands that CASTService GmbH will fulfill exceedingly in order to extend the service for our increasing customers.


Challenge us and we, CASTService GmbH, will convince you!