Specialized in import and export transportations

We move things – Logistics at CastService GmbH

Frank WolterThe volume of goods, which has to be moved in particular and the volume of goods in total has increased tremendously in the past few years. The growth of export activities as well as the volume of imports has also grown rapidly.


In order for us to react effectively and efficient we, CastService GmbH, have tried to fill the position of a Dispatch Manager in a manner that fulfills our company’s future needs. Therefore, from the 1st June 2016 we have recruited Mr. Frank Wolter for this position.


Mr. Wolter is specialized in import and export transportations. Since many years Mr. Wolter is working as a Dispatch Manager at several transport companies.


Due to this knowledge and networking with many companies within the transportation industry, Mr. Wolter will build a new and effective structure within the department of transportation at CastService GmbH.



Furthermore, CastService GmbH, will be able to stay “brilliant” with safe, reliable and short delivery times!


Challenge us – we, CastService GmbH, will convince you !