News at CASTService GmbH

News at CASTService GmbH

CASTService Team Andreas Kreutzkamp

Strengthening of our Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Management (QM) sector

Due to the sharp rise in sales and the resulting increase in our workload, we have once again strengthened our QA department.


On 01.01.2019, Mr Andreas Kreutzkamp began his new role as an employee in the QA department. Mr Kreutzkamp is a trained mechanical engineer and has already worked in the QA sector of several companies.

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CASTService Team Carola Strauch

Rapid response time here at CASTService GmbH

In order to increase the flexibility of our work preparation and to guarantee a quicker processing time required for placing quotes and orders, we have decided to strengthen our team.

Mrs Carola Strauch has been working with us since 01.07.2018.

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Feist und Bader

Enlargement of the quality assurance department

Complex parts and castings require a precise examination and documentation nowadays. To meet with these requirements we have enlarged our quality assurance dept. by 2 new colleagues.
Since 1st March 2017 Mr. Feist and Mr. Bader are strengthening the department of our quality assurance. Both colleagues are technicians and specialized in mechanical...

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Herr Kaliga

Qualified employees in the background – important and essential

The requirements on our company are growing steadily and the demands for performing assemblies and construction weldings as well as repair weldings induced us to hire Mr. Christof Kaliga as a qualified employee for welding and stock-keeping.
Mr. Kaliga is a skilled welding expert with over 20 years of experience. He was able to gather versatile ...

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Frank Wolter

We move things – Logistics at CastService GmbH

The volume of goods, which has to be moved in particular and the volume of goods in total has increased tremendously in the past few years. The growth of export activities as well as the volume of imports has also grown rapidly.

In order for us to react effectively and efficient we, CastService GmbH, have tried to fill the position of a Dispatch...

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Herr Krämer

Business confidence – feasible by engagement and commitment

In some companies they talk about a closely and eligible partnership between supplier and customer; we, CastService GmbH, are living and experiencing it!

In order for us to remain to our principles regarding the focus on our customers, we, CASTService GmbH have employed Mr. Thorsten Krämer for sales and engineering to strengthen our team.

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Hardening Colloquium in Cologne

Again, this year’s Hardening Colloquium in Cologne has been resoundingly successful!
Like the years before, many visitors came around our booth at the exhibition.
We have built new and very interesting contacts to new and prospective customers, who visited us upon recommendation of existing business partners.

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Beat Rütimann

Expansion – We walk the talk!

As a worldwide supplier of castings CASTService GmbH has broaden the markets massively in the last couple of years. Especially the export business outside of Europe increased continuously.

To cope with this development a personal on-site service of our customer through our colleagues is necessary!

We are glad to announce that CASTService ...

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