charging devices and Charging racks for automotive and oven construction

Automotive and oven construction

The various requirements in all kind of heat treatment processes will be met with high quality and long living products.


In addition to our standard systems we are able to offer individual concepts that are specially designed for your demands.


Furthermore, we could support you in choosing applicable material grades as well as developing charging devices. The design of new systems is the day-to-day business of our own Engineering-dept.

Our product line contains:


  • Chargers and installation parts for pusher type furnaces, vacuum furnaces and controlled atmosphere furnaces
  • Charging racks and installations parts for shaft furnaces and top hat furnaces
  • Annealing racks for steel grafting
  • Universal charging aids for the grafting of drive wheels, crown wheels and bevel wheels
  • Annealing baskets for forges
  • Charging racks for special purposes
  • Casting conveyer belts for the heat treatment of small parts
  • Jackated jet radiant tubes, furnace rollers and recuperators
  • Lifting bars, edge angles, facing panels, oven tabs for roller hearth furnaces