Overview of performance Engineering, Patterns, Casting

Overview of performance

CASTService GmbH


Your wishes and ideas are the essential part of our work.


Together with you we develop custom solutions also for difficult cases. You can count on the support and the know-how of experienced experts.


CASTService GmbH


With the help of our state-of-the-art 3D CAD tools we can realize your ideas or we actively support you with the improvement of existing products respectively designing new products.


Patterns are being made out of wood, layered wood, synthetics or metal. We also use special foam materials for custom made items.
For toolmaking we use steel, aluminum or nonferrous metal.



Our main focus is the supply of castings. In collaboration with qualified partner companies, we offer a broad variety of parts.



The ordered parts can be individually machined. However, we realize a customizing production of components and complete parts
for all applications.


Quality assurance

In order to meet with the requirements of growing customer demands, we draw our attention to a constant quality inspection during
the production. A thorough inspection takes place prior to the delivery.



We try to fulfill the expectations of our customers. Due to the collaboration with highly specialized foundries, we make sure that you
will receive high quality products for a reasonable price.

Kundenbetreuung und Beratung

Global business relationships

Our first-class customer service does not have any national boundaries. Instead, our global business relationships create opportunities for development and potential for new ideas. Therefore we are not afraid to offer you our service worldwide.


Applicable materials

Cast iron, Ductile graphite iron, Annealed cast iron, Tempering steel, Wear resistant casting, Manganese Casting, Heat resistant casting, Nickel based alloy, Stainless and acid-resistant casting, Duplex and super Duplex steel, Aluminum permanent mold casting


Manufacturing method

Sand mold casting, Investment casting, Centrifugal casting, Lost-Foam, Composite casting, Continuous casting, Shell-model casting


Testing method

Visual and dimensional inspection, Dye penetrant inspection, US-inspection, Radiographic inspection, Identification of chemical composition, Identification of mechanical – technical values, Instantiate a grinding pattern, Certificate 2.2, Test certificate 3.1