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CASTService Automotive und Ofenbau

Automotive and oven construction

Systems as requested

CASTService Maschinenbau- und Stahl

Mechanical engineering and steelmill industry

Customized perfection

CASTService Kalk- und ZementIndustrie

Limestone and cement industry

Permanently reliable

CASTService EnergieIndustrie

Energy industry

Stable Quality

Business activities


Together with you we develop custom solutions.


With the help of our state-of-the-art 3D CAD tools we can realize your ideas.


Patterns are being made out of wood, layered wood, synthetics or metal.


Our main focus is the supply of castings.


we realize a customizing production of components and complete parts for all applications.

Quality assurance

We draw our attention to a constant quality inspection during the production.

Service/ Maintenance

We try to fulfill the expectations of our customers.

Global business relationships

We are not afraid to offer you our service worldwide.

Applicable materials

Cast iron, Ductile graphite iron, Nickel based alloy, Cobalt, Annealed cast iron ...

Manufacturing method

Sand mold casting, Investment casting, Centrifugal casting, Lost-Foam...

Testing method

Visual and dimensional inspection, Dye penetrant inspection, US-inspection, Radiographic inspection...

About us

We would like to show you the opportunity and products of our company.


We see ourselves as specialists in the procurement of casting and sheet metal structures. By a qualified supplier base, we offer almost endless solutions for your business.


If you are interested in our company, and what we can offer you, please contact us.


Your CASTService GmbH Team

Main target markets

Energy industry

Energy industry

For problems we offer you a consistent solution: we develop and supply ready to install wear-cast-parts made out of heat resisting gray cast iron, highly heat resisting stainless steel casting and wear resisting heat treatable steel

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Limestone and cement industry

Limestone and cement industry

Special heat resisting and wear resisting materials are needed in the limestone and cement production. Already since many years we develop and supply high quality casting parts that fulfill these requirements and extend the service time of your production facilities.

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Oven construction

Oven construction

The various requirements in all kind of heat treatment processes will be met with high quality and long living products. In addition to our standard systems we are able to offer individual concepts.

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Mechanical engineering and steelmill industry

Mechanical engineering and steelmill industry

The vast understanding of materials and technology in the field of casting along with high quality products is our strength. The goal is to minimize the throughput time and consequently to minimize your costs.

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