Legal Disclosure - CASTService GmbH

Legal Disclosure


CASTService GmbH
Nordsternpark 22 A
D-52134 Herzogenrath
Phone 0049 (0)2406-989927-0
Fax 0049 (0)2406-989927-9


Responsible according to §6 TDG / MDStV

Dirk Tipmann


Regulatory authority

Commercial register of Aachen (HRB 13421)


Competent Chamber

Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Aachen


Place of jurisdiction/District court

District Court of Aachen
VAT ID No. DE814609732


Liability insurance

R+V Versicherung AG


Concept, Programming & Realization:

braindinx GmbH
design and communication agency
Schaufenberger Str. 61
52477 Alsdorf, Germany


Pursuant to §7 of the Telemedia Act, CASTService GmbH as content provider is responsible for its “own content” provided for usage. Although all content is thoroughly verified and continuously updated, completeness, accuracy and timeliness cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, CASTService GmbH does not assume liability for any damages arising in connection with the use of such content.



Cross-references (“external links”) to contents provided by external parties have to be distinguished from these “own contents”. By cross-reference, CASTService GmbH makes “external content” available for use which is characterized in this way: By providing such links, CASTService GmbH provides access to the use of these contents (§ 8 German Telemedia Act). CASTService GmbH is not responsible for these “external” contents, as CASTService GmbH neither has initiated the transmission of information, nor selected the addressee of the transmitted information, nor selected or changed the transmitted information. The automatic temporary saving of this “external information” also takes place by CASTService GmbH due to the selected invocation and linking method, so that does not thereby incur responsibility of the CASTService GmbH for their content.



“Links” are always references to “living” (dynamic) third-party internet presences. CASTService GmbH has checked external content to establish whether a possible civil or criminal liability could be triggered by when setting the link for the first time. However, CASTService GmbH is not under obligation to constantly monitor external information referred to on the CASTService GmbH website for changes that could give rise to liability. Once CASTService GmbH detects or is informed by others about a concrete offer a link was provided to causing civil or criminal liability, CASTService GmbH will remove the reference to this offer, as far as it is technically feasible and reasonable. Technical feasibility and reasonableness are not influenced by the fact that even after the elimination of access through the web presence of CASTService GmbH, the illegal or punishable offer can be accessed from other servers.